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Getting Prepped

Brandon Dukovic, Photo Editor
October 27, 2010
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Freshmen and sophomores dread it. Juniors and seniors are relieved to be done with it. Physical education is one of the most exasperating classes that Paly requires its students to take. We all know that it is not a difficult class to complete. All you have to do is show up, maybe run (or even...

Concussions, Second Impact Syndrome and CIF Bylaw 313 in High School Sports

John Dickerson, Nathan Norimoto, Mariah Philips
October 12, 2010
Filed under Fall Sports, Features, Football, Pro Sports, Top Stories

Imagine your body being slammed into artificial turf by a 200 pound linebacker wearing a helmet with padding as hard as wood. Imagine your head smacking the ground, then whipping back into place, all in under a second. Ask Palo Alto High School offensive tackle Michael Lyzwa ('12) how it feels. Actually,...

Perfect Prescription: The Role of Stress in Sports

April 16, 2010
Filed under Features, Spring Sports, Swimming - Girls, Top Stories

Danielle Carlson ('10) jumps into the pool after a day filled with tests, projects, and presentations. With each stroke, Carlson falls into a meditative rhythm as her stress melts away. "Sometimes I have to get away from all work I have to do," Carlson said. "[Swimming] is my way of getting away...

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