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Women in the Weight Room

Women in the Weight Room

Breaking the barriers of stigmas and stereotypes, an increasing number of women can be found in the weight room with the intention of lifting to both enhance their physical health and improve their mental health.
Anika Chang, Sofia Leva, and Hailey Beck October 15, 2021

In the basement of the Peery Family Center, blasting music and the sound of clanging metal radiates through the weight room. Like many gyms, upon glance, the Paly weight room is a mainly male-dominated...

Issue 1 Intro Package

Issue 1 Intro Package

Jake Foster and Caleb Wong October 15, 2021

Please click the pictures to see the Intro Package in higher detail!

Superstition Or Super Lame

Superstition Or Super Lame   Though Paly athletes come from a wide range of sports and backgrounds, many are bound by a common ritual: superstitions. Some are as strange as Paly alum Kevin Cullen,...

Fall Game Sports Spotlight

Fall Game Sports Spotlight

Ivan Ijzerman and Josh Donaker October 15, 2021

Click into the photo to explore the biggest games in the fall season for Paly sports.

Photo by Karen Ambrose Hickey

Paly’s Hidden Gems

“Hidden Gems” are outstanding athletes that don’t necessarily receive the recognition they deserve in comparison to better known sports.
Oliver Marburg and Jackson Martin October 15, 2021

Pushing the ball downfield, with her eyes locked into the goal, she fires. The ball hits the back of the field hockey net, junior captain Kellyn Scheel celebrates with her teammates as she runs back towards...

Hidden Life of a Teacher Athlete

Hidden Life of a Teacher Athlete

Paly teachers are well known for their educating capabilities. However, many of them are secretly amazing athletes as well.
Harrison Williams and Elizabeth Fetter October 15, 2021

Skating across the roller derby arena, an athletic figure wearing a helmet and knee pads elbows her way past the opposing blockers. With a face of determination and a heart full of grit, she paves the...

Art by Grace Li.

Lights On The Pool Deck

Grace Li and JJ Stoen October 15, 2021

As the beep sounded, twenty year-old Shane Cadogan dove into the pool hoping to etch his name in Olympic history. With swimming being one of the most highly anticipated sports in the Olympics, dominant...

Grace Gormley (24) scores

Girls Varsity Water Polo Team Defeats Los Altos 12-4

Ivan Ijzerman, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

The girl's varsity water polo team took a very important win at home on Tuesday, October 5th winning 12-4 to Los Altos.The game started close, both teams generating many chances on offense.  There were...

Ivan Ijzerman (’23) prepares to shoot a goal.

Boys Waterpolo wins at home on Tuesday against Los Altos

Harrison Williams, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

The boys varsity water polo team won at home on Tuesday, defeating Los Altos 10-6.  The Vikings were off to a quick start with goals from seniors Damon Shultz and Jack Haney. They were able to build...

Ivan Ijzerman (23) scores his second goal.

Boys Waterpolo takes a tough loss last Saturday against St. Francis

Caleb Wong, Staff Writer October 4, 2021

The boy’s varsity water polo took a tough loss against St. Francis 9-7. The Vikings brought an amazing effort towards the end but could not take over. The Vikings started off slow on offense and the...

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