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Paly girls soccer ties Los Gatos 0-0

Sabrina Hall and Peter Snodgrass

January 19, 2017

The Paly girls soccer team tied the Los Gatos Wildcats 0-0 in a disappointing match this Thursday afternoon. The first half of the game was very back and forth, with the scoreboard remaining unchanged throughout the period. Paly did suffer a loss on the field when Talia Malchin (‘17) was forced...

Writing Many Wrongs

Hayley Levine and Tess Preising

November 2, 2016

The sports industry is constantly adapting and changing to society's standards. Recently there are more female analysts and journalists covering the same sports games as men. When women go to cover the games, they get unnecessary attention and comments that men would not normally get if they were covering...

Ultimate Peace

Skylar Burris and Sabrina Hall

November 2, 2016

With gunshots flying and mysterious planes circling overhead, people living in the conflicted affected areas of the Middle East must be constantly aware of the threats that surround them. But, in the midst of the surrounding trauma, an outlet is offered to children and teens of the clashing nations....

Paly Football defeats Wilcox in a close game last night, 25-21

Paul Jackson III ('18) stops in the enzone after scoring a touchdown for the Vikings. Jackson III had 3 touchdowns in this game against Wilcox.

Skylar Burris and Bryan Look

October 15, 2016

Paly Football comes from behind against the Wilcox Chargers yesterday after being down the majority of the game. At the start of the game, Paly was able to get into the enzone to begin the game a head with a run play by Paul Jackson III (‘18). However, the Vikings missed the extra point, and with sev...

Viking Tries Fishing

Ryan Chang and Christian Rider

October 3, 2016

In a time where there are screens all around us, we often forget the how beautiful the world is outside of our house. Shiny lakes, majestic trees, and wildlife all around us. That is what fishing is all about. The Viking staff went out and tried it out for ourselves. There is an old saying that the early bird ...

Paly softball loses to Cupertino 19-13 at home

Elizabeth Schnaubelt ('18) swings at the ball in an attempt to mount a Paly comeback against Cupertino.

Skylar Burris, Editor in Chief and Writer

April 26, 2016

Paly softball fell to Cupertino 19-13 on Wednesday, April 26. Cupertino started the game strong, leading the Vikings 2-0 into the bottom of the first inning. However, the Vikings were not able to answer and remained scoreless going into the second inning. In the second inning, Cupertino continue...

Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant Set to Retire after Season

Bryant is shooting his signature shot over a defender.

Peter Snodgrass, Staff Writer

December 6, 2015

On November 29, National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar and Los Angeles Laker legend, Kobe Bryant, announced his retirement from the NBA after this season in a poem titled, “Dear Basketball.” The poem, which was first published in the Players’ Tribune, thanks basketball for helping Bryant...

Live Blog: Palo Alto Senior Night vs Homestead

Live Blog: Palo Alto Senior Night vs Homestead

Skylar Burris and Lauren Koyama

October 30, 2015

Ceremonies have started! Seniors looking ready to play their hearts out on the big night. Congratulations also to the seniors on both the dance and cheer team. Make sure to look out for these Paly seniors tonight: Tony Caballero-Santana, James Cohee, Joese Delgadillo, Eli Givens, Mikey Gra...

Paly vs Oak Grove Live Blog

September 25, 2015

Kick off 8 minutes away. Teams stretching and getting hyped for the game. Go Vikes! vikings are the kicking team touchback ball at the 20 yardline Eagles on offense 33 yard field goal missed by Eagles. First down for the vikings at the 23 yard line Justin Hull connects to Eli Givens for...

Female upperclassmen of the year: Jacey Pederson

Maddie Kinnaman, Staff Writer

May 29, 2015

Female Underclassmen Athlete of the Year, CCS Athlete of the Year, and Palo Alto Weekly Athlete of the Week. These are just a few of the many awards Jacey Pederson (‘16) has earned in her three years of high school. Pederson comes from a talented sports family, as both her father and older brother...

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