We Believe

Peter Snodgrass and Ben Cleasby

The San Francisco Giants will win the 2016 World Series. The Golden State Warriors will come back from the 2016 NBA Finals lose and win the 2017 NBA Championship. The Oakland A’s will develop a better farm system. The San Francisco 49ers will bounce back in the next four years under the leadership of Chip Kelly. The San Jose Sharks will win the Stanley Cup next year. Marshawn Lynch will make a comeback to the NFL. The Oakland Raiders will not move away to Los Vegas, and instead stay where they are destined to be, Oakland. We Believe in the Bay Area.

We know these claims are quite outrageous. Yet, we are not part of the Prophecy for no reason. We can predict the future, and hope that our readership has the audacity to see it. The Raiders, Marshawn, and the Giants are all on this issues forecast.

San Francisco Giants

It is an even year. It’s hard to debate much more than that. As die hard Giants fans, we believe that the Giants will overcome their atrocious bullpen and create a new influx of runs scored. The Giants after the all-star break have done terribly, their pitching hasn’t lived up to the standard, injuries have plagued the lineup, and the offensive support has been very weak. Other than Madison Bumgarner, who hasn’t even done the best lately, the Giants pitching staff has been underwhelming with no dominant pitcher carrying the team and throwing shutouts. Not to mention injuries have once again torn down the starting roster such as Hunter Pence and Joe Panik. For some reason whenever Hunter Pence gets hurt the Giants seem to only lose.  Since when was the game of baseball an individual’s sport and not a team one?

As a great man once said, “Some days you are the pigeon, and poop on the statue, and some days you are the statue and get pooped on.”  In the case of the Giants, before the all star break, they were the pigeon, but since the all star break, they have been the statue. The Giants know the talent and potential they have, yet they must find it once again. And no team is more suited for this than the Giants, especially in the even year. As we are writing this column, the Giants are half a game behind the Mets for the first Wild Card spot. Feel nervous?  Worry no more, because the Giants have it in the bag and we will be seeing all of you at another parade later this year.

Marshawn Lynch

One of the most consistent running backs in the league for the past four years, Marshawn Lynch retired with a few good years left. Notorious for his post game interviews (not much was ever said), Lynch became a cult figure in Seattle and in his hometown of Oakland.

Let’s start with the facts. Lynch has created his own apparel line, set up a shop in Lake Merritt, Oakland, he appeared on Bear Grylls show, and he has taken multiple media interviews (something he has never done before). Plain and simple, Lynch must be bored. Why else would he appear, create, and speak so much?

Next, let’s not forget that Lynch still has some of his best football years left. Take for example Lynch’s appearance with Cal or his domination in a drill against a high school football players; Lynch is still in playing shape and is itching to play.

To put an icing on a very improbable cake, if Lynch were to make a comeback, it is very likely that the Seahawks would cut him. Where would the next option be?  Why not Oakland?  They need help developing their young running back, and bringing Marshawn to Oakland would make that offense so much more potent, plus it would add an egregious amount to the Raiders’ jersey sales. Not only would the Raiders want him, but Marshawn was born and raised in Oakland and would be super hyphy to stay in the bay.While Lynch signing with the Raiders is probably the biggest stretch of all of our claims, we believe that Lynch will come back and be a force in the NFL.

Oakland Raiders

In the first game of the regular season against the Saints, in the midst of “Who Dat Nation”, the Raiders pulled away a gutsy victory by going for two. In the past, coaches such as Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, and Dennis Allen, have plagued the team with poor coaching choices. Then, the front office let down the team and fan base with very poor draft choices such as Jamarcus Russell and Darrius Heyward-Bey. Yet, one thing remained constant: the love for the Raiders from their fan base, “The Black Hole”. So, what message are the Raiders sending if they abandon their fan base and move to Las Vegas, which is arguably the grossest city in America if you are under 21 years old. Similarly, could Vegas sustain the egregiousness that accompanies, “The Black Hole”?  We say no.

Oakland is a city full of comebacks. Take the A’s rise to one of the top teams in MLB two years ago, when they dealt with one of the stingiest owners in baseball who erased the potential arrival of many potential free agents. Or take the Raider’s recent rise to one of the hottest teams in the NFL, where just two years ago they went 3-13. Eventually, the city will take note and launch their own comeback whether it be finding a new location and pledging money to build a new stadium, or renovating the old one.

We believe in the Raiders organization, in its team, in its players and its owners. The black hole doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon and will live on for many more years to come. We believe that the Raiders will stay in Oakland.