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World Cup Predictions

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The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching, and it will be one of the most exciting tournaments yet. Many nations’ squads feature many new faces from 2014, and younger players are looking to make names for themselves. Senior Staff Writers Matan Ziv Jared Wulbrun and Eric Aboytes outline our predictions for the month-long tournament.

Who will be the major disappointment?
England- This England squad is not good. Aside from Harry Kane up front and maybe Raheem Sterling, there is nothing special about their roster. Their midfield is made up of very average Premier League midfielders and the back line is full of holes, not to mention Kyle Walker who doesn’t know how to cross. The furthest they will go is the round of sixteen.

Who will be the major surprise?
Egypt- This is partially due to luck as their group is not good. However, with Mohamed Salah up front they have a shot to beat most teams if they park the bus. With Mohamed Elneny running the midfield along with their pair of West Brom defenders, Egypt has a good chance to advance over Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Who will score the most goals?
Gabriel Jesus. The talented Manchester City forward will not receive as much attention as Neymar, but that may be a positive for him. Teams will come in with a prepared gameplan for Neymar, but Gabriel Jesus is not very much less talented. He scored 13 goals in 19 appearances for Manchester City this year. He is 21. Enjoy this young lad come June.

Who will win?
Brazil is extremely talented. With Marcelo leading the back line, Casemiro and Coutinho in the midfield and Neymar and Gabriel Jesus up front, Brazil will be far too much to handle. They have midfielders who can score, and Marcelo who is one of the best defenders in the world. Spain is not bad, but their front three is poor. France also is talented but they will choke like in the Euro.

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World Cup Predictions