Volleyball drops CCS championship to Homestead in four sets


Paul Bienaime

Keri Gee (’14) prepares for a dig against the Homestead Mustangs. The Mustangs went on to win the CCS championship.

Ami Drez and Tori Destefano

“Lets go Paly, lets go!” a crowd of spirited Paly students yelled during the CCS girls volleyball championship to show their Paly Pride. However, despite the constant cheering and spirit throughout the stands, Homestead conquered the CCS Championships over Paly in four games. The Vikes were looking for revenge after losing to Homestead twice in league, but were unable to match up to Homestead’s strong offense. 

The Lady Vikes kicked off the start of the first set with two consecutive kills by Becaa Raffel (‘14).  However, Homestead quickly caught up and set the tone for a close match. Keri Gee (’14) held her defensive stance with several digs against the Mustangs. Lauren Kerr (’14) also made several kills and blocks bringing the score to 11-6, Paly. Becca Raffel (’14) made a winning kill, leaving Paly with a win in the first set by 25-17.

The Vikings came into the second set strong, winning the first point of the match. However, once again the Mustangs quickly gained momentum, claiming the lead 7-4. Kerr made multiple kills and blocks leading Paly 12-10. Jade Schoenberger (’15) and Gee’s digs brought Paly up by three. Nevertheless, the Mustangs regained momentum taking the set 25-23.

Paly and Homestead started off the third set battling neck in neck for the lead. However, Homestead’s strong offensive side helped them gain a lead early into the game.  Despite multiple kills by Schoenberger and Raffel, the Lady Vikes struggled to catch up with the Mustangs for the first part of the game with Homestead leading 15-10. Paly maintained a close presence in the match, only trailing the Mustangs by a few points. However, the Mustangs took the set 25-20.

Paly started off slow in the fourth set with Homestead earning the lead 10-7. Homestead’s frequent kills and multiple errors by Paly contributed to Homestead’s lead. Multiple kills by Kerr and an ace by Katie Passarello (’17) helped Paly stay in the game, constantly fighting Homestead for the lead. However, Homestead pulled through and took the fourth and final game 25-19.

Teammate Jessica Lee (’17) expressed her sentiments toward the way her team played tonight.

“We had some great ups [and] some great kills,” Lee said. “We worked really well together.”

Despite losing the CCS Finals, Paly will continue their season by playing in Nor Cals. According to Lauren Kerr, the loss will only make their team more determined to finish the season with a strong note.

“It’s a motivation for us to work hard at practice on Monday and just come out in the next game and play better,” Kerr said.  “Our goal is still to go to state.”