Girls Tennis Defeats Homestead Mustangs 5-2

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Girls Tennis Defeats Homestead Mustangs 5-2

Tina Lagerblad, Staff Writer

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Vikings girls tennis are crushing it so far this season, bringing home their second win against the Homestead Mustangs with a score of 5-2.

After a tough first season in the challenging DeAnza league last year lead by Coach Andy Harader, the girls are optimistic following their strong start to the 2018 season in the same league.

Today’s game was “not a super exciting one” Rachel Owns (‘21)said, who played one doubles today and was victorious against the Mustangs.

Despite winning by a landslide, the girls kept their cool and were just looking to the future. Coming back strong from a recent loss against Cupertino at Cupertino High School, the girls see room for improvement after a game where “everyone was playing average” Owens (‘21) said.

Nationally ranked Maddi Paige (‘21) agreed with Owens’ sentiment, citing that they played just “okay” and that some of her games were “probably a little closer than they should’ve been”. With the fact that they did win with only having lost two matches, she is confident that they “probably played well overall”. She credits the win  to her team, stating that “everyone come together and won the match as a team”.

“Tennis is probably 85 percent mental, and I probably just got a little too frustrated” Paige (‘21) said, indicating this as the reason for her average performance today. “That’s one of my weaknesses, that I get too negative with myself” she added.

The most valuable players of the game, and on the team in general according to their teammates, would have to be Maddi Paige (‘21), who won all her games today, and Camilla Wong (‘22), who despite losing one of her games today, is still a force to be reckoned with out on the court.

They lost two games, the first being due to power player Wong (‘22) taking on another players position she usually doesn’t play, and the second being the last game of the day after the girls had guaranteed victory. Despite this, after winning five of the seven games, the Vikings should be very proud of what they accomplished out on the court today.

Come out and support the Vikings at their next home game against Saratoga on 9/20!

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