Vikings defeat Los Gatos


Sam Cleasby, Staff Writer

Thursday afternoon Paly Boys Water Polo defeated Los Gatos by a score of 10-9 in a well contested match. Paly held a lead for most of the game but was close to surrendering the win as Los Gatos fought back hard late in game.

Paly players Dexter Gormley(19’) and Ryan Stanley(19’) lead the team toward the victory each putting up three goals. Paly’s stellar defense was lead by goalie Ben Rapperport(18’) who consistently blocked Los Gatos’ shots throughout the game including a five meter penalty shot. Rapperport claims the win was majorly in part to the momentum gained by the defense.

“It was awesome because our entire team played well and we had good momentum because we were making stops on the defensive side,” Rapperport(18’) said.

Paly held the lead throughout the game at one point being up by five goals, however Los Gatos made a close comeback in the second half leading to Paly winning by one goal.

“We realized that all of the goals were just defensive slip ups and none of them were actually good goals and that we knew that we were a better team and could beat them,” Rapperport(18’) said.

After coming out on top Rapperport expressed his emotions after a mjaor win with the league championship in sight.

“It feels fantastic because now we have a chance to win the league championship and they don’t,” Rapperport said.