Girl’s Tennis Sweeps Castilleja 7-0

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Girl’s Tennis Sweeps Castilleja 7-0

Vijay Homan, Staff Writer

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The girl’s tennis team swept Castilleja today, 7-0 in their third preseason match of the season thanks to star performances from several players.

The match was headlined by Anya Yakimenko (21’) and Rachel Owens (21’) each beating their respective opponents 6-0 in straight sets.

“I think we did alright,” Owens said, “We won our first two matches, but some of the matches were closer than they should’ve been.”

Although both players won their matches decisively, they remained critical of themselves and determined to make improvements in the future.

“My serves were bad, so I need to improve upon my first serve. I also need to improve my drop shots and when to use them,” said Yakimenko. 

While the match was a good learning experience, it was essentially just preparation for the upcoming Stanford tournament on Friday and Saturday. The team will square off in 4 matches against some of the best teams in California, while only three matches into the season.

“Everyone is playing really well. We’re going to play a tournament at Stanford on Friday, and we’ve won every match decisively so far. We’re starting to iron out our lineup for the tournament,” said Head Coach Andy Harader. 

Although to some it may seem as though the team running like a well-oiled machine, there is still work to be done. 

“[We need to be] working on volleys and court movement in doubles,” said Harader.

It was a consensus among the players that today’s match was a step in the right direction, but the team will surely be tested this Saturday.

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