Girl’s Golf Fall 2021 Season Preview


Grace Li and Oliver Marburg

The team with their trophy at the California state championship in 2019.

The PALY girl’s golf season is underway and had their first game Thursday, August 26th. After playing in unexpected circumstances due to the pandemic, the girl’s golf team has prepared for a more conventional season.


The last season had many limitations and dwindled down PALY sports with what was going on in the world. Lauren Sung (‘22), a returning star player, has been playing golf for twelve years and started playing competitively four years ago. Throughout her childhood, she has tried many different sports such as tennis, swimming, tennis, ski racing, and soccer. Lauren did not treat golf as a serious commitment until she was ten years old when she concluded she wanted to drop these other sports to focus on golf and has recently committed to the University of Michigan.


“Last year during the COVID season, we were required to wear masks during matches and practice so it made getting to know everyone a bit awkward.”, Lauren said. 


The team has been undefeated for four years now, and hope to keep that title going into this season. Even through the unprecedented times of COVID, their team prevailed and still managed to keep their streak. 


During this season, the team has been taking advantage of being able to play with fewer safety regulations and has been making sure to develop a tight-knit team dynamic.


“… This year is definitely looking up though with getting together outside of school and practice! We recently went mini golfing which was a great bonding experience!”, Sydney Sung (‘22), another star player and a University of North Carolina commit, said. 


Their most important win was the California state championship in 2019. The team won the state championship in 2019 and the effects of this win have carried onto this season- both positively and negatively. The team is excited and motivated to work hard, but have feelings of pressure weighing them down. 


The returning members, including the Sung sisters, have been excited to see what this new season will bring and are driven to have a repeat of their successful 2019 season. On the other hand, the new members of the team may be feeling scared and nervous for what the season has to offer, but the returning members are determined to make them feel appreciated and an important part of their community.


 “It’s a lifetime sport and I’ve met some of my best friends through the game including my teammates at PALY for the past few years.”, Sydney reflects. 


In their first game of this season, the PALY girl’s golf team faced Harker School and won 184-205. This win sparks the team’s excitement, motivation, and hope for this season’s success.