Paly boy’s water polo thrashes Homestead 22-1

Emma Beckstrom, Staff Writer

Palo Alto High School varsity boys’ water polo team (5-1 in league) crushed Homestead High School (0-3) 22-1 on Oct. 4.

The Vikings had a strong start, pulling their starters in the first quarter with a lead of 4-0.

“[Our lead] allowed other players to get experience,” co-captain Peter Rockhold (‘12) said.

Rockhold thanked the second string for their success in the pool.

“We had a well rounded bench,” Rockhold said. “Everyone on the bench could do their part.”

Every player on the team earned a stat today; all but one player put at least one goal in the back of the net.  Throughout the game, the Mustangs struggled to complete passes while the Vikings pressured with tough defense.

“[We had] good defense and good countering, very good countering,” co-captain Daniel Armitano (’13) said.

After scoring his second goal this afternoon, Nelson Perla Ward (‘15) won the jump ball after the referees disagreed over the confusion of a foul ball.

The half ended with a score of 11-0.

At the top of the third quarter, goalie Brent Schroder (‘13) cleared the ball to Sam Kelley (‘14), assisting the twelfth goal of the game.

The only goal for Homestead came right as rain started to fall in the third quarter.

Paly quickly responded with another goal bringing to score to 14-1.

Goalie Brent Schroder made seven saves in the last quarter alone; Arimatano did not give up any goals in the game.

The Vikings will face Los Gatos on Thursday, Oct. 6 night with confidence from this win.

“We’re gonna play better now that we’re more confident,” Will Conner (‘14) said. “[We will] execute our plays and not be frightened.”