Winter Athlete Sideline Swag

Photo Courtesy of CreativeCommons

“How do you keep cozy on the bench during those chilly winter games?”

Emma Beckstrom, Staff Writers

The Viking asked Paly Athletes how they keep cozy on the bench during those chilly winter games.

The girls said:

“It gets pretty chilly in the winter time, so I throw on a sweatshirt, some baggy-a** sweatpants, a parka, pull up those high soccer socks and an ear-warmer headband! Then I’m cozy” -Lily Seedman (’12)

Soccer parkas! And mittens and cuddling!” -Jordan Smith (’13)

“The dance team goes hard and just handles the cold in our uniforms” -Chloe Koseff (’12)

“As girls we [basketball players] keep on our swaggy-a** Nike warm-ups if we get cold on the inside of the gym. And we mainly just keep running up and down the court [to stay warm.]” -Lindsay Black (’12)

“Slippers and rip-off pants feel unbelievably swaggy when you tear [them] off pre-game!” -Bella Graves (’14)

The boys said:

“A [Under Armour Possession] handwarmer with Skittle’s® inside just incase you get a lil’ hungry… oh and you gotta put the little handwarmer sacks in the [football] handwarmer too” -Andrew Frick (’14)

“What Frick said. But he didn’t actually do it. Also a beanie if you aren’t playing anymore. Long-sleeve compression shirts” -Gabe Landa (’12)

Wopo robes” -Kian McHugh (’14)

“Kian also likes to snuggle with the next guy down on our bench” -Aaron Zelinger (’12)

“Borrow [Bret Pinsker’s (’13) water polo] robe” -Sam Kelley (’14)

“Varsity soccer jackets with our names [and numbers] on them!” -Paul Stefanski (’13)

“Long-sleeve Nike warm-up and a Gatorade® towel” -Israel Hakim (’12)