Softball loses to Homestead 11-1 by the run-rule

Michelle Friedlander, Staff Writer

Paly softball (5-14-0, 2-6-0) fell to Homestead (16-3-0, 6-1-0) on Wednesday night after only playing six innings, due to the run-rule.

The Lady Vikes took the field with Julia Saul (‘14) on the mound and the Mustangs immediately put on the pressure. With a triple, three doubles, and a single, Homestead quickly took a four-run lead with only one out. Paly coach John Saucedo then made a pitching change and put Casey Glassford (‘15) in for Saul. After a strikeout and a ball caught for the third out, Paly was up at bat. A single and two walks loaded the bases for the Vikes, but with two outs and a strikeout, the Vikings continued to trail behind the Mustangs by four runs after the first inning.

Paly started off the second inning strong, only allowing one player on base with two outs. However, a triple, two doubles, and two singles earned Homestead three more runs. Still, Paly stayed strong, and got two players one base, but the Lady Vikes were not able to score.

During the third and fourth innings, neither Paly nor Homestead were able to score a run.

Glassford held the Mustangs at no hits during the top of the fifth, which held them at seven runs. Outfielder Shannon Fee (‘14) hit a double to get Paly’s momentum going. After a groundout, Tori DeStefano (‘14) got a hit, and with an error on Homestead’s part, brought Fee in for a run. The inning ended with Paly trailing 7-1.

Three singles and a triple allowed three more runs for Homestead, and with no outs, Saul took over for Glassford. A double gave the Mustangs one more run, leaving the Vikings behind by 10 runs. Unable to score, during the sixth inning, the game ended early due to the run-rule, which states that if a team is losing by 10 or more runs after the fifth inning, the game will be cut short.

The Lady Vikes will take on Fremont High School at home this Friday, Apr. 27 at 4:00 for their Senior Night.