Brief: Boy’s lacrosse falls to SHP in CCS semi-finals

Tara Lawrence

The Vikes suffered a hard loss to Sacred Heart Prep today, finishing the CCS semi-final game with a score of 6-18. This loss signaled the team’s elimination CCS and their  final game of the season.

Despite multiple shots on goal in the first half, the Vikings could not get the ball past SHP’s goalie and into the net. In the last minute of the second quarter, Walker Mees (’13) scored the team’s first goal of the game. They went into halftime 1-8.

During the second half, the boys proved more successful in scoring. Jordan Gans (’14) secured two goals of his own, Jonny Glazier (’13) snagged one goal and two assists, and Mees (’13) scored once more.Yet, regardless of netting 5 additional goals, the team could not keep off the persistent SHP offense.

The boys finished third in the SCVAL league and completed their regular season with a record of 8-4.