Baseball falls to Saratoga 8-4 in first round of SCVAL playoffs

Baseball falls to Saratoga 8-4 in first round of SCVAL playoffs

Alys Olmstead, Staff Writer


The Palo Alto Baseball team fell short to Saratoga with a score of 8-4 in the first SCVAL playoff game. The Vikings took an early lead, but were unable to come out victorious leaving them with a one game deficit as the three game series continues.

The game began with Danny Erlich (’14) on the mound for the Vikings. The top consisted of a quick three out after Saratoga hit a fly ball to left field and two easily fielded balls to the in field.

Leadoff hitter Bowen Gerould (’14) was up to bat first for the Vikings, but struck out. However the Vikings gained momentum when Phil Lewis (’15) hit a double to left field.

Jack Cleasby (’14) and Lawrence Han (’16) followed but were unable to bring Lewis home and the score remained tied at zero going into the second inning.

Saratoga gained momentum, hitting the ball and advancing a runner to third. Paly catcher Austin Kron (’14) picked off the runner, giving the team their second out of the inning.  After a strikeout from Erlich, the Vikings were up to bat.

Owen Plambeck (’16) leadoff the inning and walked to first, but eventually stole his way to third. Noah Phillips (’14) was out after a hitting a ground ball, but advanced Plambeck home bringing the score to 1-0 going in to the third inning.

Geourald made it on base after hitting the ball off of the pitchers hip, and Lewis followed with a bunt down the third base line to be safe at first. Cleasby then hit a bomb to centerfield, easily bringing home Geourald and Lewis who is safe after a collision at the plate.

Paly comes out of the inning ahead 3-0 but the lead shifts in the 4th inning. Saratoga came out strong, forcing Isaac Kasavich (‘15) to come in for Erlich half way through the inning. Anthony Lim (’14) and left fielder Daniel  Tachna-Fram(’14) made the out for the inning, but Saratoga finished the inning ahead 5-3.

“We didn’t beat ourselves they beat us. We can’t make mistakes on the mound and give them free base runners,” Coach Goldman said.

Erlich agreed that the team needs to step up its performance for its next game.

“They out hit us, Thursday we are going to come off just like we did today but with more intensity,” Erlich said of Paly versus Saratogas performance at the plate.

Offensively Paly and Saratoga were unable to to score again until the fifth, making it 6-4 going in to the sixth inning.

Justin Hull (’16) came on to the mound for the Vikings during the fifth. He made two of their outs after recovering a ground ball and striking out a batter. Saratoga scored again off of a single and then a double.

The Vikings were unable to score again in the bottom of the sixth, leaving the score 7-4 with one inning left to play.

Saratoga was able to score in the seventh, but the Vikings were unable to come back which lead to the Falcons defeating the Vikings 8-4.

The team will play the Saratoga Falcons again on Thursday in game two of the SCVAL playoff tournament.