Paly boys’ lacrosse clobbers Saratoga 16-5


Alys Olmstead, Staff Writer

Paly boys’ lacrosse obliterated the Saratoga Falcons with a score of 16-5. This substantial lead included hat tricks by several Vikings on the field.

The Vikings started off the first period strong with an early goal by Hayden Libbey (‘17) thanks to an assist by Matthew Seligson (‘16) in the first five minutes. Scott Andrews (‘15) added to the score and made a goal in the seventh minute of the game.

With the score at 2-0 Libbey scored his second goal of the night with a running shot from the eight meter mark. The Falcons got on the board with two minutes remaining but were quickly put back in their place with goals by Ariya Momeny (‘16) and Seligson.

The second period of the game was Viking dominated with key defensive plays by the attack which kept the ball in their offensive third. Libbey scored again in the 5th minute which made the score 6-1.

“There are always going to be games like these,” Momeny said. “We just had to make sure we were continuing to play to our full capabilities and not drop down to their level of play.”

Saratoga came in and scored their second goal of the evening a minute later with a drive down the field. Momeny came in and cradled around three Falcon defenders and scored which made the score 7-2 with three minutes remaining.

The Vikings scored early in the third quarter with a goal by Seligson and an assist by his fellow attacker Cole Tierney (‘16).

Ethan Jorasch (‘15) added to the score with a goal in the 9th minute, this made the score 9-2.

Momeny scored his third goal of the with two minutes left in the third period, Libbey followed shortly after and made the Vikings lead 11-2.

“Overall, there were a lot of things we needed to work on,” Griffin Carlson (‘16) said. “We are glad we came out with the win tonight, but we are just going to continue working to be better because that is Paly lacrosse.”

The Falcons scored their third goal of the evening early in the fourth period, but were unable to catch the Vikings substantial lead with their minute of momentum.

Paly called a timeout with five minutes remaining after two yellow cards were given to players (one to Owen Staiger (‘15) and another to a Falcon middie).

Seligson came in and scored late in the final period and made the Vikings lead nine goals with minutes remaining. Tierney put another goal on the board shortly after, which was equalized by the Falcons which made the score 13-4.

“We had a rough preseason, and we definitely have started to play better as a team,” Momeny said. “We just need to bring what we are doing in practice onto the field for game day.”

Tierney scored his second goal of the night seconds after his first, as he beat a Saratoga defender and slung it to goal. Seligson followed with yet another goal with only two minutes left to play.

A quadruple penalty was called on Charlie Stephenson (‘16) and three Falcon players after a play following the face-off, this led to the Vikings playing up two players. With this advantage they passed fluidly around the Saratoga defense and got Momeny another goal for the night.

With seconds remaining the Falcons managed to put one more goal in and made the Vikings lead decrease to 16-5.

The team finished strong and sealed yet another win with a final score of 16-5. The Vikings will go on to play an away game Friday at 4:00 p.m. against Los Gatos.