What’s Up With Powder Puff?

An inside look at the decision to cut powder puff and what ASB plans to do instead.

Maddy Atwater, Features Editor

There are a few things Palo Alto Senior High School students look forward to throughout the year: spirit week, winter break, prom, powder puff and graduation. For the student body of the 2014-2015 school year, there is now one less event to look forward to. Yes, that’s right Paly, say goodbye to Powder Puff.

Recently, ASB has decided to cut powder puff on the terms of it being “sexist”. It is believed that powder puff not only excluded male participants (besides the coaching staff), but also mocked female athletic ability. Powder puff only allowed 40-55 female participants and less than 10 males.

So, what is going to happen now? Well, ASB has decided not to cancel powder puff, but replace it with what they believe will work better while including more students and not violating any gender barriers. After the success of the Fall Volleyball Tournament, ASB will kick off a Viking Best of the Best Sports Fest. Starting on May 19, teams will participate in three games: volleyball, flag football, and ultimate frisbee. The top six teams will then proceed to the final round where they will perform in a relay race to decide the champion.

With this, all students are invited to participate and watch the events. This new event will encompass around 200 students of all genders and from all different grades. There will now be more teams that will all be co-ed and will have a gender ratio, meaning at least four people from a different gender.

So, what’s the prize? Well, the Fall Volleyball had “cash” prizes, but this is not the route ASB is taking. Powder puff champions had bragging rights throughout the end of the year, and really for however long they wanted. The class of 2016 will always be able to claim their 2014 powder puff championships, even when they leave Paly. Like this, the top three teams will be awarded medals, bragging rights and the Golden Viking Trophy.