Boys’ lacrosse dominates over Los Altos Eagles 10-2


Paly boys’ lacrosse dominated over the Los Altos Eagles just this past Friday night with a score of 10-2. Zach Levitan (’15), Ariya Momeny (’16), and Cole Tierney (’16) were a few of the game’s dominant players.

The Vikings started off the first period strong with an early goal from Tierney. Within just a couple of minutes, the Eagles were able to catch up to the Vikings and score, bringing it to 1-1. Throughout the remainder of the first quarter, the Vikings, especially Levitan, took several shots against the Eagles but failed to actually put the points on the board.

With approximately ten minutes remaining in the first half, bothMomeny and Levitan ripped shots against the Eagles and scored two points for the Vikes, bringing the score to 3-1 Paly.

The third quarter of the game started off strong with goals by both Tierney and Levitan. Momeny continued his success by scoring yet another goal with 8:51 left in the third quarter, pulling Paly even further ahead of the Eagles 6-1.

The second half of the game was Viking dominated with vital offensive plays being made, keeping the Eagles low on the scoreboard. Paly maintained possession of the ball for a large percentage of the third quarter.

With 3:35 left in the third quarter, Hayden Libbey (’17) scored a point for the Vikings. Levitan added to Paly’s scoring streak by making a running shot, bringing the score of the game to 8-1 Paly.

Los Altos managed to pull away from the Paly’s defense and score a goal; however, the Vikings put the Eagles back in their place after Matthew Seligson (’16) scored at the start of the fourth quarter. The scoreboard read 9-2 with 11 minutes left in the last quarter.

With just 20 seconds left in the game, Tierney managed to get around the Eagles and rip yet another shot in the net, bringing the final score of the game to 10-2 Paly.

The Vikings’ offense and defense kept the Eagles in a place of little scoring throughout the entire game, allowing Paly to take the lead.

“I think it was one of our more dominant performances,” Seligson said. “On offense, we knew we could beat our match-ups one on one, but we still managed to get a team rhythm going with off-ball movement. Our defense played especially well.”

Momeny echoed Seligson’s statements and has high hopes for the team’s future.

“Well it was a tough week having three games in a row, but we knew we had the ability and work ethic to ultimately succeed,” Momeny said. “Last time we played them it was close because we had a ton of injuries but now that our team is healthy for the most part, I don’t see anyone beating us.”

The Vikings will play their next game against Mountain View on Wed. May 6th at home.