Paly falls 91-159 to Los Gatos in Track Meet

Palo Alto track and field faced off against Los Gatos during a home meet on Thursday, April 19, losing 91-159 overall.

The boys finished up with a score of 44-81 Los Gatos and the girls with a score of 47-78 for Los Gatos as well.

Los Gatos swept the 100 meters for both girls and boys, as well as taking the 200 meter sweep, resulting in a slow start for the Paly track team.

Paly began to retaliate in the 400 meter for boys, taking both the first and second place spots with Reed Foster (‘18) coming in at 52.43 seconds and Bryan Kagari (‘19) coming in at 52.71 seconds.

Paly girls picked it up by sweeping Los Gatos in the 800 meter race with Ella Ball (’20) completing it in 2:27.92 and Julia Doubson (’18) and Kai Douglas (’20) coming in at 2:30.41 and 2:34.69 respectively. Foster also took the first place in the 800 for boys with a time of 2:00.70.

The Paly boys kept it up in the boys 1600 meter race, sweeping Los Gatos, however, that could not outweigh Los Gatos’ sweeps in the 300 meter 36” hurdles, shotput, and discus.

The girls pulled out a clean sweep in the 100 meter 33” inch hurdles, with first place Karen Li (‘18) coming in at 16.26 seconds. They also won first place in discus and Shot Put, both victories from Emma Johnson (‘19) with distances of 86’06.50 and 28’10.00 respectively. However Los Gatos countered that with a clean sweep in the long jump and high jump.

“They were a good team,” Venus Sandoval (‘19) said, “We gave my best performance to represent our school.”