PALY Softball Mercy-Ruled El Camino

This past Wednesday, the PALY Softball team mercy-ruled El Camino, meaning they were up enough points to be deemed the winner. This was their first game of the season and the team went into it with determination to start the season off right.


“Both our offense and defense as a team were solid and for our first game of the season, we all played really well together. Starting off the season with a win really shows us what we can do this season,” Cameron Toland (’23) said.


Even with this amazing win, the team does not fail to look back on what they can improve on along with what they did well on.


“We struggled a bit in the fourth inning with a few defensive errors but our offense throughout the game stayed strong after a 6 run lead in the first inning,” Toland said.


They are motivated to continue to practice hard and clean up their defense before their next game in the upcoming week.


“We’re looking forward to starting league games in the next few weeks and hopefully winning our games next week,” Toland said.