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Helen Butler: Female Athelete of 2010-2011

Helen Butler: Female Athelete of 2010-2011

Anne Hildebrand, Copy Editor

May 31, 2011

Though all of Paly’s athletes are extremely important to their teams, the defensive players often are overlooked. The glory goes to the offensive players and the teams who win championships.  But on teams that are struggling, there is sometimes a star player who keeps the team’s hope alive. The...

Game Day Swag

Varsity basketball teammates Israel Hakim ('12), Mathias Schmutz ('13) and Tori Prati ('12) show off their game day swag.

Paige Borsos, Staff Writer

March 9, 2011

Game day: For any athlete, it signifies an opportunity to compete, to showcase practice and to take home a victory. Unlike an ordinary day, it is 24 hours of being in an athletic mentality. Whether it is a Major League baseball team, a college basketball team or the Palo Alto High School football team,...

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