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Male Team of the Year; Boys’ Soccer

Hanna Brody and Lauren Hammerson, Staff Writer

June 5, 2009

After 120 minutes of intense play in the Central Coast Section championships, the 2009 Palo Alto High School varsity boys' soccer team finished its season as co-champions. Hard work and team chemistry throughout the season propelled the boys forward landing them a spot against Bellarmine College Prep...

Finding the strike zone

Peter Johnson

June 1, 2009

The story of Paly’s varsity baseball team reminds one of the parable of the “Blind Men and the Elephant”. An old Indian tale, the “Blind Men and the Elephant” is a story about a group of blind men who all touch different parts of one elephant to learn what it is like. Because each person is...


Peter Johnson

December 10, 2007

David, a Palo Alto High School senior and varsity football player, remembers his first hazing experience, when his hands were held behind his back and his legs spread open next to a pool table. “It all happened pretty fast,” said David, who like the other students quoted in this story has had...

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Peter Johnson