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Emily Wood: 10 Years of Lacrosse

Emily Wood ('19) charges toward the goal.

Mallory Kuppe and Lauren Daniel

December 16, 2018

Playing the same sport for many years allows one to really get to know the sport well. 10 years after stepping on to the lacrosse field for the first time and months before stepping on the Paly lacrosse field for the last time, Emily Wood (‘19) knows the sport of lacrosse like the back of her hand. D...

Paly’s Competitive Edge-ucators

Jack Smale

March 11, 2011

Some students see their teachers as one-dimensional figures, administers of knowledge and the occasional discipline. However, not so long ago, some teachers were student-athletes, just like the majority of Palo Alto High School's students are today. This is an inside look into a few of Paly's very...

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