Girls Tennis Season Recap

Tyler Harrison, Jason Hu

Despite losing the second round of CCS 2-5 against Evergreen Valley, the girl’s tennis team finished their fall season with a close 7-6 overall record. Unfortunately, the team was not able to beat last year’s record.

However, the team did face significant challenges throughout the season. The girl’s tennis team started the season with a new set of players since most of their upperclassmen graduated last year. However, it is impressive how well the younger athletes stepped up and performed throughout the season. Team captain Riya De Datta describes how the season went for the team. 


“The season was great, and we ended it as a much stronger team than we started!” 


The team started the season off strong with two wins before falling into a streak of losses. However, the team did not let this streak stop them. The team made a comeback toward the end of the season and went positive in terms of wins to losses. The team took this momentum and kept it going throughout the rest of the season, leading them to win the first round of CCS. 


At the beginning of the season, Coach Harader emphasized the importance of the team’s ability to win doubles. The team took his advice to heart and their improvement over the course of the season shows the team’s commitment to the sport. Team captain Riya De Datta believes that the team did an excellent job this season.


“We all improved individually, and the doubles teams were able to work much better together as the season went on”


The ability to play well together would prove it’s importance as the Vikings were able to win crucial matches and grow as a team and return to CCS playoffs. 


Unfortunately, the Viking’s season would come to a close in the second round of CCS playoffs, as they were defeated by Evergreen Valley. While disappointed with the loss, the team has a lot to be proud of, such as their progression this year and an appearance in CCS playoffs. Their match with Evergreen Valley was much closer the second time in the season, showing how much they improved over the course of their matches.  


In general, the girl’s tennis team did extremely well this season and they are just another example of Paly’s strong athletic program. The team hopes to improve over the offseason and be even more prepared for the next season.