Paly Girls Basketball beats Homestead 68-25.


Photo courtesy of Karen Ambrose Hickey.

Tyler Frick, Staff Writer

The Paly girls basketball team defeated Homestead 68-25 Thursday at home.
It was all Paly from the get go, on both ends of the court.
“We brought a lot of energy on and off the court which fired us up to play better as a team,” guard Nadia Brown (‘23) said.
The team is starting to find their stride, and with key performances from Itzel Torres (‘23), and Caroline Mostofizadeh (‘23) helped them put away Homestead early.
With their style of play, communication on both ends of the floor is key. Against the Mustangs, Paly demonstrated how valuable it can be to their team.
Paly has now won seven of their last eight games, and have moved up to an 11-4 record, 5-1 in league.
Still, they don’t get complacent. The team is always finding ways to get better, even through big winning streaks.
“We can improve on pressuring the ball more on defense to cause more turnovers,” Brown said. “Making sure we are seeing the whole court when handling the ball because there are a lot of missed opportunities for a bucket when our backs are turned away from the basket or our eyes are down.”