Girl Tennis Season Preview


Photo by Celeste Bates

Last year, the tennis team set a winning record of 9-6. Two of the athletes even went on to win in their CCS games.

This year, just like any other, the spotlight is on the team to continue growing as a team and do better than their predecessors. Team captain Riya De Datta, describes one of her priorities this season for the team.

“As a team we are looking to connect right now, because about half our team was seniors last year, they have all graduated so the team dynamic is a little different,” said De Datta, “A lot of us are unfamiliar with each others playing style so it will take some time to get the hang of playing together, especially for doubles.”

Having a great team dynamic is important with any sport, and that doesn’t exclude tennis. De Datta was not the only athlete that raised concern over 

With most of their Varsity team graduated, younger athletes have to step up and fill the shoes of last year’s top competitors. Junior Erin Li played doubles with a senior last year at CCS and was ranked first seed. She hopes to maintain that status this year.

“I want to try to always give my best effort whenever I play and hopefully help the team win as a whole,” said Li.

With the few experienced players left on the team, they face many challenges. Last year, PALY girls tennis ranked 5th in their league and didn’t end up placing in CCS as a team. This year, the girls are ready to attack the court, play their best, and encourage their teammates.

“I’m looking forward to matches this season,” said De Datta, “It is always really fun to finish your match early and then get a chance to cheer on the rest of your teammates!”