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How Covid-19 is Affecting Recruiting

How Covid-19 is Affecting Recruiting

Vijay Homan, Staff Writer

June 2, 2020

College football recruiting has historically stopped for no man. It is a fundamental piece of the game that typically indicates which teams will be good for years to come. Yet throughout the last few months, recruiting has come to a stop. Covid-19 has forced coaches to become creative in order to int...

A Year of Strength

A Year of Strength

Conner Lusk and Ryan Bara

March 27, 2020

As the coronavirus spreads, creating a confusing and uncertain future especially for sports, it is important to look back at the journey our Vikings athletic teams have had this year.  This journey started in the fall, as we saw seven of our eight sports teams qualify for CCS and two of the teams bringing home the...

Girls Varsity Soccer loses to Los Gatos, 2-1

KICKING OFF — Leila Khan ('20) inbounds the ball vs Los Gatos.

February 4, 2020

The Paly girls varsity soccer team was defeated 2-1 by Los Gatos on Wednesday, in a defensively dominated game.     Palo Alto fell behind early, and couldn’t muster enough opposition to gain a lead. Los Gatos scored two goals in the first half, which put pressure on the Vikings to put ...

Staff View: We Can’t Hear You

Staff View: We Can't Hear You

January 9, 2020

The Paly varsity football team is playing league rival Wilcox High School in a tightly contested matchup. Everything from a traditional Friday night high school football game is there: the band, the pumped players, the lights, and the action in the game. However, they are missing one key component: ...

The Cost of Coaching

Conner Lusk, Photo Director

December 17, 2019

Coach Gifford watches tensely from the sidelines. From his rigid stance and the hawk-gaze he’s keeping on the field, you would never know that the Paly football team is up 40-7. It’s the middle of an essentially meaningless third quarter, a win that’s the Vikings to lose, but when Paly breaks u...

Stepping into the Limelight

Stepping into the Limelight

Sanaz Ebrahimi, Ya'el Sarig, Zach Phillips, and David Hickey

February 11, 2019

Eric Housen was 45 when he won his first championship ring. He wasn’t on the court, nor was he on the bench. He couldn’t be seen on television, and fans weren’t wearing his jersey. Why then, surrounded by the flashing blue-yellow strobe lights and screaming fans, did Warriors point guard Stephen Curry,...

Viking Tries: The NFL Combine

Lincoln Bloom, Ryan Stanley, and Tyler Foug

February 11, 2019

From the breakneck speed of Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver John Ross (4.22 second forty yard dash) to the mountain-moving strength of Carolina Panthers’ defensive tackle Dontari Poe (44 reps of 225 lb bench press), the NFL combine has been the place for league hopefuls to showcase their skills si...

Weight Debate

Summer Daniel, Nathan Seto, and Sofie Vogel

February 11, 2019

Athletes of all different sports are familiar with the sacrifices and training it takes in order to best prepare for their upcoming matches, but few have to go so far as to drop a significant amount of body mass to stay competitive in their sport, like wrestling. Cutting weight is a standard practice t...

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