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  • Thursday, April 20


    Paly 15 - Cupertino 5

  • Friday, April 14


    Paly 7 - Los Gatos 3

  • Tuesday, April 11

    Girls Lacrosse

    Paly 11 - Los Gatos 17

  • Thursday, March 30

    Girls Swimming

    Paly 185 - Los Gatos 55

  • Thursday, February 9

    Boys Soccer

    Paly 0 - Los Gatos 1

  • Tuesday, February 7

    Boys Soccer

    Paly 3 - Santa Clara 0

  • Thursday, January 19

    Girls Soccer

    Paly 0 - Los Gatos 0

  • Tuesday, January 17

    Girls Soccer

    Paly 0 - Santa Clara 0

  • Thursday, January 12

    Boys Soccer

    Paly 1 - Homestead 0

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Bryan Look and Quinn Knoblock

November 2, 2016No Comments

VIKING MAGAZINE: What is playing sports like at a private school compared to a public school? JACK DEVINE:  I haven’t witnessed it firsthand, but from what I’ve heard,...

Haley Chalmers, Max Jung-Goldberg, and Nicholas Smallwood

November 2, 2016No Comments

Life is hard. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows they’re going to face life. The test of one’s true character though, is how they  deal with that adversity. Some people...

Viking tries bubble soccer

Mara Zenger, Talia Malchin, and Tess Preising

November 2, 2016No Comments

As we looked on the field, we saw the enormous red and blue bubbles. No, these bubbles were not made out of soap film, but rather out of a clear PVC plastic. There was one...

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Fantasy Football Love/Hate Week 7

October 17, 2017No Comments

We apologize for the brutal week last week. One of our analysts did not perform and we have taken him off the column, so only good stuff is ahead. Look for Matt Ryan to bo...

Fantasy Football Love/Hate Week 6

Will Strauch, Matan Ziv, Bryan Look, Wes Walters, and Stan de Martel

October 10, 2017No Comments

Week 5 was a brutal one. The players we loved simply protested and slept through the games and the players we hated purposely made an extra effort. We apologize but guaran...

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Palo Alto High School's sports news site
Palo Alto High School's sports news site