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Miya Whiteley (left) and Kiana Feldis (right) jostle over the ball in one of the teams morning scrimmages. Photo by Grace Gormley.
Paly Girls Soccer Season Preview
Grace Gormley, Copy Editor • November 21, 2022

The Paly girls varsity soccer team is looking forward to their upcoming winter season. Last year, the Vikings had an overall record of 6 wins, 10 losses and 5 ties, and in league, their record was 4-4-4.  They are a member of the SCVAL De Anza League,...

Girls Tennis Season Recap
Tyler Harrison, Jason Hu November 19, 2022

Despite losing the second round of CCS 2-5 against Evergreen Valley, the girl's tennis team finished their fall season with a close 7-6 overall record. Unfortunately, the team was not able to beat last year’s record. However, the team did face significant...

The girls basketball team gathers during a game. Photo courtesy of Karen Hickey.
Girls Basketball Season Preview
Tyler Frick, Tyler Martin, and Tyler Wong November 19, 2022

The Paly girls basketball team has spent all summer and fall practicing intensely for the upcoming season, where they look to continue their recent success as a team. Last year, the team had an excellent season, finishing with an 11-1 league record....

Photo courtesy of Karen Hickey
Girl's Volleyball Season Recap
Aspen Stitt, Oliver Marburg, and Katie Yen November 28, 2022

The Paly girl's volleyball team ended their season with a playoff loss against Carlmont on Saturday, October 29th. With a final score of 3-1 the Vikings...

Paly Football wins the CCS Division V Championship with a 27-24 victory over Monterey
Paly Football wins the CCS Division V Championship with a 27-24 victory over Monterey
Tyler Martin, Staff Writer • November 26, 2022

Paly football defeated Monterey 27-24 in the CCS Division V championship game Friday night at Sequoia High School. The game was tight throughout, with...

The group of seven back in Palo Alto.
PDX to PA Bikepacking
Tyler Harrison and Hillary Studdert October 19, 2022

Day 1: Following a 20-hour train ride from San Francisco to Portland filled with card games and sleep, the group of seven embarked on their journey...

Student or Athlete: What Takes Priority?
Student or Athlete: What Takes Priority?
Yasmin Friedrichowitz, Tyler Wong, and Sirisha Mitra October 19, 2022

Juggling academics and athletics is a challenge that the majority of Paly has to deal with on a daily basis, which can often lead to increased stress...

California: Taking a Gamble?
California: Taking a Gamble?
Grace Gormley, Takumi Weimann, and Ivan Ijzerman October 11, 2022

Steve Delaney, a recovering sports gambling addict in New York state, read aloud on his podcast a message from an online gambling-support group: "Please...

Extreme Sports
Extreme Sports
Ivan Ijzerman and Niccolo Defendi-Cho (Photos) May 30, 2022
“I always knew about the risks I was taking. Every year, someone you knew was killed racing. You had to ask yourself, ‘Do you enjoy driving these cars so much that you're prepared to take that risk?” - Niki Lauda
Viking Tries: Military Boot Camp
Viking Tries: Military Boot Camp
JJ Stoen and Jason Hu October 19, 2022

  West Point, also known as the United States Military Academy, was founded in 1802, just a decade before the United States would declare war for...

Viking Tries: Home Run Derby
Viking Tries: Home Run Derby
Zach Hayward and Jake Foster February 27, 2022

Baseball: America’s pastime. The sweet smells of freshly cut grass, the crisp crack of a bat, and the smooth pop of the glove are just some of the things...

Art by Greg Laursen
Final Word: Super Bowl Swindle
Roei Ziv, Head Columnist • February 25, 2022
The most exciting moment as a sports fan is seeing your favorite team win the championship in person, but sky-high ticket prices to this year’s Super Bowl is robbing fans of these memories.
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Volume XV Issue 5

During the 2021-2022 sports season, Paly has experienced victory on multiple fronts ranging from girls golf to boys cross country. Our feature story this issue (page. 22) is highlighting these successes through the annual Viking Athletic Awards. The cover is collection of photos from the most notable matches and meets this season. (Cover by Owen Bittinger)

Volume XV Issue 4

50 years ago on June 23, 1972, Title IX prohibited discrimination due to sex. Our cover story, “50 years of Progress” (Pg 36) discusses Title IX’s role in sports. The cover depicts Rep. Pasty Mink who was a large part in writing and passing the important document. (Cover by Greg Laursen)

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