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The Return of Paly Athletics
The Evolution of the Athlete-Activist
Over Before It Started
Compulsion: The Complicated Intersections of Exercise and Mental Health

On the Basis of Gender

May 23, 2020

Left foot forward. Right foot forward. While that may well be the mantra playing in 18-year-old Caster Semenya’s head as she flies furiously down the...

Training for Two

May 22, 2020

It’s a sunny June morning in Sacramento, California, and Alysia Montaño bears the look of a competitor so focused on the race ahead of her that she’s...

Air Jordan VS. The King
Championship Asterisk

The Final Word: The NFL Should Reconsider Starting the Season

October 14, 2020

Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans are currently 3-0, surprising many fans following their Cinderella story run to the AFC championship game last...


October 14, 2020

PLANT BASED: Vegan or plant-based diets are superior, especially for athletes By Hailey Beck and Sofia Leva Grass. Leaves. Flowers. These “foods”...

Between the Bases
Teenage Dream

Comeback Player

October 14, 2020

It was a gloomy day in Landover, Maryland where the then Washington Redskins are set to take on the Houston Texans in a crucial mid season game. The date...

Staff View: Politics In Sports

October 14, 2020

Throughout history, the place of activism within the sports world has been an extremely controversial and important issue. From Muhammad Ali’s refusal...

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