Paly wins against long-time rival Gunn 41-0


photo by Tyler Wong

Paly football wins their first game of the season against long-time rival Gunn 41-0.

For decades, Paly and Gunn have had an intense rivalry. It has been 10 years since the two teams played each other in 2012, making this game highly anticipated by both schools.

The season had a rough start with Paly losing their first two games against St. Ignatius and Leland. However, through intense practice and determination to win, the team was able to take this game by storm.

“The game was amazing. We were firing on both sides of the ball,” Va’inga Mahe (’23) said. 

By halftime, Paly was up 21-0 and the team were ready to play even harder during the second half to ensure the win.

“Our offense was driving the ball down the field and our defense was blowing plays up,” Va’inga Mahe (’23) said. 

Even though the game was at Gunn, the Paly student turnout was as formidable as Gunn’s. Paly students made sure to show their pride and supported the team.

However, with only five minutes remaining, around a hundred Paly students went over to the Gunn bleachers and began to jeer at them. This unfortunately led administrators to cut the game short.

Today, a meeting is being held with Principal Brent Kline and the Associated Student Body to brainstorm solutions to make sure that games between Gunn and Paly can continue without any accidents like this occurring again.

The team will play Menlo next week and are hoping to start a winning streak.

“Although we did win, we still got things to work on and going into this week, we are ready to work hard, fix our mistakes, and prepare for Menlo,” Va’inga Mahe (’23) said.