Girls Basketball Wins against Homestead 48-46


Courtesy of Celeste Bates

Girls Basketball beat Homestead 48-46 in a home game. The team worked extremely hard to achieve this win.


“It was a super intense game especially in the 4th quarter once the score got really close,” Junior Caroline Mostofizadeh said. 


Both teams played aggressively, making each team be able to work incredibly as one unit. The intense ball movement on the court made it hard for the audience to take their eyes off the court.


Even though the team could have been basking in their win, they were quick to reflect on what they could improve on.


“Our communication on defense could have been better, but it was a very good game for us,” Mostofizadeh said. 


Due to the covid variant, their previous games were canceled and they have not played for over 10 days. 


“It was great to finally have a game scheduled again and overall, it was a really exciting and thrilling game and I’m excited for our next [games]!” Mostofizadeh said.