Girls Tennis Team falls to Los Gatos 5-2

Stan de Martel and Ryan Strathearn

The Vikes girls tennis team falls to the Los Gatos Wildcats,  5-2.


The lineup for doubles was Rachel Owens (‘21) and Claire Li (‘21) playing together, other seniors Emma Cockerell (‘18) and Mailinh Truong (‘18) paired up, and  Myra Xu (21’) and Gwyneth Wong (‘21) on the other court.


The vikes got both of their points in the doubles matches, with Truong and Cockrell winning their game, and Wong and Xu also winning theirs. Both of those matches were won in two sets.


Isa Cossio (‘19), Anya Yakimenko (‘21), and Madi Page played singles. Gatos won all four of the singles matches, which was crucial to their victory.


“Our singles kind of fell flat, even though Madi Page played an excellent second set” Coach Andy Harader said.


The Vikes fought hard, but all of Gatos’ singles players were 4 stars or above, so they anticipated a tough battle.


Although they lost, the Vikes have a very young team and Coach Harader and the senior captains are excited to see what the team will be able to do in years to come.


“We lost 2 to 5 to the best team in North California, so nothing to be ashamed of” Coach Andy Harader said. “We got a young team, everything to look forward to.


The team looks to redeem itself on thursday in what should be a competitive game at Homestead.