Vikings slide to a 1-0 win in first ever field hockey match

Josh Kasevich and Josh Lai

After two years of planning the Paly Girls Field Hockey Team stormed to their first win in their first ever match. With one late goal and uncounterable defence the girls were able to shut out Monta Vista.

The fact that it is now a sport seemed to motivate the team to put their best foot forward. “It feels amazing that it’s a real thing” said Lexy Guinn (‘22) “Now that it is real it made us want to work even harder.”

Throughout the game both Monta Vista and Paly were evenly matched. With both teams being relatively new, both were desperately trying to start off on the right foot. The first half of the match was very competitive. Paly skillfully passed the ball down the field 20 minutes into the first half, fired off a shot, but is sent just right of the net. Monta Vista then countered Paly’s attack and rushed down to the opposite side but an impressive save was made by the Vikings Goalie.

Going into the second half Everybody knew that the play had been even, and the match was up for anybody’s grab.

With time running out Paly pushed for one last burst of energy to try and take the lead. With five minutes left the Vikes slapped the ball towards the net that is just saved by Monta Vista’s Goalie. Using the same energy, Guinn shows off impressive stick skills and powers the ball into the opposing teams net for the first ever Paly goal.

However, Monta Vista still had two minutes, but Paly was able to keep the good defence alive for the closing minutes of the game.

“I always tell them that offence sells tickets, but defence wins games,” said Coach Jenny Crane.

The Lady Vikes will have their next meeting against Homestead on thursday. Crane knew, despite the win, that the girls could still improve their play, “We should work on being first to the ball and making passes with intent to our team.”