Paly Loses Tough Game Against Los Altos

Sanaz Ebrahimi, Staff Writer

The girls water polo team falls short in the second half of their game suffering a massive loss from Los Altos High.

The game started fast paced, both sides draining amazing shots ending the half at 4-5, Paly down by one. However the game took a big turn after the first half, Los Altos definitely stepped up in the defensive side pressuring Paly back. Although the pressure defense was high, Paly was attempting long distance shots with lots of power and was successful in getting two more shots before the end. Sophomore Lulu Gaither and Senior Grace Rowell were the last two player getting these shots in for Paly.

There was great effort from both sides of the pool, but at the end of the day it all comes down to the game plan, which Los Altos was able to change up pretty fast.

The game ended with a score of 6-10, Paly unfortunately taking their second loss to Los Altos this season. Junior Maya Rathore explains the struggle of pressure defense and how their team focuses on handling this pressure.

“One thing that we always focus on is keeping the ball safe,that is so crucial to the game.Whenever were getting pressed really hard or facing a weird play the thing we always fall back on is  keeping the ball safe and getting the ball back” Rathore(‘20) said.

As for progress Paly has come a long way since they first played Los Altos, according to senior and goalie Esme Stotland.

“I think that game for me was really frustrating but it was really nice to see how far we came from last time we played them, we have things to focus on but I know we will be ready for our next game” Stotland(‘19) said.

The team’s next game is  this Thursday at Mountain view.