Girls Varsity Volleyball Beats Homestead with Extraordinary Comeback


Jenna Hickey

Trisha Razdan (‘21) shares excitement with her teammates.

Elif Turgut and Victoria Soulodre

The Paly girls varsity volleyball team took on Homestead at Paly on Thursday, September 19. The Vikings went into the game 2-0 in league, and were the favorites to win,  while Homestead lacked with a record of 0-2. Walking onto the court, their main focus in mind was to stay undefeated in league. 

Starting the first set, Paly led throughout the first half.

Astonishingly, Homestead came back and tied the set to 13-13. Paly and Homestead went neck and neck, with only one point difference, up to 25-25. The Mustangs won the first set with an end score of 29-27. 

The second set started with an unfortunate lead by Homestead, causing a lack of spirit from the Vikings.

However, the Vikings tied up the second set to 18-18.  The Mustangs continued to pull away from the Vikings and the second set ended with a score of 22-25 for the Mustangs. 

Paly came into the third set stronger than ever. Continuing to keep the lead, Paly got their biggest lead of the game yet,11 points, causing the score to become 22-11.

The Vikings won the third set 25-14; Mustangs still lead in sets with a score of 2-1

Paly kept their lead, but hit a few of their serves into the net, which could have been avoided; however, they made up for it with a couple of aces. 

The Vikings won the 4th set, 25-14; the overall score of the sets are 2-2. 

For the Vikings to maintain their league record, they had to come back for the 5th and final set. The crowd got louder as Paly took a 5 point lead to start the last set of the game. 

The Vikings continued to keep their lead throughout the 5th set and kept their energy up. Paly kept the lead through the 5th set, coming off with a win of 3-2. 

“The biggest takeaway probably to start with more focus earlier,”  Kylie Mies said(‘21), “We always do this thing where we lost. We need to come back every time,”
Moving forward, Paly plans to stay undefeated in league and continue onto CCS.

 “We are just going to try to keep getting better every day. They exposed some things we need to get better at,” said Coach Chris Crader.