Girls Volleyball Sweeps Monta Vista in 3-0 Victory


Jenna Hickey

Amelia Gibbs (’20) hits over Monta Vista’s unsuccessful block.

Summer Daniel and Elif Turgut

Paly girls volleyball defeated Monta Vista in a clean three set sweep on Wednesday, keeping their spotless league record. 

Starting off with great energy, Paly took the lead early with a three point serving streak from Kimi Lillios (‘21). Continuing strong throughout the first set, Paly rarely let up besides a couple lapses in communication towards the end of the set. The Vikings managed to remain ahead, clenching the first game 25-15. 

Following suit with their successful first set, Paly did not once fall behind the Matadors in the second set, defeating them 25-16. The spirit stayed high on the Viking’s side as Kylie Mies (‘21) served for 6 points to earn the Viking’s their 25 point quota. 

Racking up points is not the only aspect that Mies contributes to the team, however.

“I want to come in with a very positive attitude to lift up the spirit,” Mies said. “I don’t want to come across as the negative type because I don’t want to get upset over mistakes.” 

Finishing Monta Vista off in a final third set, Paly took the victory with the greatest point margin yet with a score of 25-11. Monta Vista did not go down without a fight however, and held Paly neck and neck until Outside Hitter Thea Enache gained back Paly’s momentum with a successful spike breaking the 6-6 tie. 

Middle blocker, Trisha Razdan (‘21), attributes this victory to the vengeance of having previously lost their first set to Monta Vista.

“Last time we played them, we lost the first set to them which was a little bit of a moral defeater because we used to beat them pretty easily,” Razdan said. “For this game we wanted to show them that they don’t have a chance against us. We don’t want to give them hope. We were ready.” 

With a 7-0 league record, the girls volleyball team aims to remain undefeated for the rest of the season. They will face Homestead in an away conference match at 6:45 tomorrow, October 10th.