Girls Tennis Season Recap 2021

JJ Stoen, Staff Writer

The fall sports season has finally come to an end. The Paly girls tennis team ended with a winning record for the 2021 season at a strong 9-6. 

Some highlight wins included a steamroll for the girls against rival Gunn and a huge upset against juggernaut Monta Vista. They started hot, and while there were some struggles, girls tennis managed to finish the season on a high note.

“It was great to see Iris and Erin win CCS,” Senior Paisley Annes said.

In the offseason, the players get a chance to look back on their accomplishments over the long season. While in a season, it is easy to become fatigued when focusing so hard on a sport. To Annes, being on a team is more than just playing the sport.

“I think the season went really well,” Annes said. “The whole team bonded a lot, and that’s what’s most important.”