Field Hockey Loses to St. Ignatius 3-0


Photo courtesy of Karen Hickey

Paly varsity field hockey lost to St. Ignatius on Wednesday with a final score of 3-0. The girls fought their hearts out but unfortunately were defeated by the Wildcats in the end.

The outcome of this match, however, is in no way a testament to the work this team has put in outside of the game.

“We work really hard in practices,” senior Anna Wingard said. “We always show up and are constantly learning new things to add into our games. Even though we lost I think we were successful at transferring what we learn in practice onto the field.”

Sophomore Poppy Barclay added to this by agreeing that the game was not a reflection of the team’s recent training.

“Generally speaking, we weren’t playing as well as we have been in practices and other games,” Barclay said. “But we’ve learned from the loss, and we’re hoping to take this feedback into our next game.”

Nonetheless, this loss has not got the team down. The optimism and energy the team carries have persisted throughout the season and will hopefully project into future games. 

“Between this game and the next we are going to continue to work as hard as we can, learn new things and get into a good space to bring onto the field,” Wingard said.