Field Hockey Loses to Saint Francis 3-0


Photo courtesy of Karen Hickey

Sirisha Mitra, Staff Writer

Varsity girl’s field hockey lost against Saint Francis on Tuesday with a final score of 3-0. Despite this loss, the girls feel as if they played better as a team.


“This game, we were able to implement some techniques we had been working on at practice and identifying in our film,” midfielder Ella Bishop (‘24) said.


Although the girls managed to improve their synergy on the field, they were, unfortunately, missing their goalie for the first half of the game.


 “[Not having a goalie] was an adjustment definitely,” midfielder Kellyn Scheel (‘23) said. “Luckily, we had a player step up and that shows being a good teammate, but it’s hard to play a position you’ve never played before, for anybody.”


Apart from this setback, the girls kept their heads up and worked up and down the field throughout the game. However, junior and defender Miya Joshi believes that the team needs to take more shots at goals.


“I think we all collectively need to learn how to gain the confidence to shoot when we’re close to the goal,” Joshi said.


Nonetheless, field hockey will continue to work on different aspects of their playing, and in Scheel’s opinion, the most important one is their offense.


“I think the next step is constructing a new offensive plan to hopefully get some feedback on that for our own team,” Scheel said. “We play a really amazing defensive game but that doesn’t translate to a win unless you score.”