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Paly Girls Field Hockey Dominates on Friday’s Game Against Wilcox 11-0

The girls made the most of the game by taking advantage of the low stress environment through experimenting with new skills and positions.
Photo by Karen Hickey

Paly girls field hockey played Wilcox in a home game on Friday, October 13. With good weather and positive attitudes, the team came out and dominated the entirety of the game.

“We maintained high energy from the start of our warmups and until we walked off the field,” senior Aspen Stitt said. 

The Vikings secured their victory with a final score of 11-0. With a win pretty much locked in by the end of the first half, the players were able to experiment with trying out new skills and positions in a real game scenario. 

“Everyone was able to try new things and get a chance to score,” sophomore Sarah Thieman said. 

Although the girls were proud of the win, this game didn’t reflect their full potential.

“Although it was a good result and high score, I do think we played slightly down to the other team’s level and didn’t play our best,” sophomore Sarah Thieman said. 

With a few games left, the team is honing in on their skills and putting forth their best efforts into all upcoming practices and games. The improvement over the course of the season so far has proven to be paying off. 

“Our stick skills, communication, and use of the field has just gotten so much better since our first couple of practices,” Stitt said. “I’m really looking forward to continuing to grow as a team and making the most of my last Paly field hockey games.”

As long as the team continues to reflect and improve as they have been so far, the last couple of games can be expected to be successful and exciting for players and spectators alike. 

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