Girls Tennis Season Preview

JJ Stoen, Staff Writer


Throughout the past decade, Palo Alto High School’s girls tennis team has always been a formidable force.

 Last fall, sports including Paly girls tennis had to postpone their season until the spring to prevent the spread of the virus, and for many athletes, this was a crushing blow. The fatigue from distanced learning was at an all time high, and Paly athletes were praying

for something to get excited about, but that hope was put down. While this may have been tough for the athletes then, it kept everyone safe.

When sports were announced to return, Ashley Meyer (‘23) was instantly excited to get back on the court – even for a shortened season. Much like her peers, she had been bottled up for a while during the pandemic.

“I thought that it was nice to be able to come back and play on the team after so long,” Meyer said. “It was really fun to be able to play with everyone again.”

The once dominant team has been forced to reset with younger, less experienced players after former stars left the yard. In addition, the pandemic has limited the team’s practice time and chances for experience to grow. Lack of experience is not a huge concern for Meyer, though.

“Most people on the team tried to get out and play tennis during covid as much as they could,” she said. “I think [the way to help] any lack of experience would be to continue practicing and trying our best.” If you lack of experience as Meyer in online casino games, check these free casino games no internet to practice your skills.

After an awkward short season in spring of 2021, girl’s tennis is back on the court in the fall once again. The shortened season in the spring gave the team only a few opportunities to compete, which slowed the progression of many athletes. However, Meyer still believes in the team to do great things.

“I think that the team is very strong,” she said. “The girls on the team just need to keep practicing and working hard.”