Paly Swim and Dive Season Preview

After a disappointing past two years, the Paly swimming and diving teams are ready and excited to come back to a full season of racing, and hopefully, for the boys swim team, to CCS titles, numerous school records, and a spot at the state championship, and for the women’s, who have a smaller, younger team, a league victory and CCS top three, along with growing

closer as a team and building relationships. The diving team, despite being small, is quote mighty, with some star divers along with many who are new to diving, but excited to experience it for the first time. 


“I’m excited because this is going to be my first real season since freshman year,” senior swimmer Audrey Teo said. “Everyone just has so much fun, dynamic energy and I know we are all excited to swim super fast this year and dive super well.”


This year the men’s team is seeing many fast racers come back from last year. Standing out among their deep ranks are junior Ethan Harrington, who swam a 20.7 50 free in one of the opening meets and whose PR is a 43 in the 100 free. 

Karen Hickey

“The boys team is super super strong this year,” Harrington said. “We can definitely set some records and have a very good shot of winning CCS; I’m excited to see what we can do.”


The men’s team also has numerous other star swimmers, adding to their depth and competitiveness across all four strokes: seniors Harrison Williams and Eric Gabssof, juniors JJ Stoen and Ethan Chien, and Freshmen Nico Ogawa and Peter Fetter. 


“We probably would have won CCS last year,” Chien said, “But unofrtuantely Covid prevented the season from having those champs meets, which is why we are so excited for what we can do this year.”


The women’s team, despiting facing the challenge of having graduated many top swimmers, is still optimistic about the season.


“I think we have a chance of winning leagues and hopefully placing at CCS,” Teo said. 


Karen Hickey

The women are lucky to have gained a strong class of freshmen, among them Lucy Zhao, Charlotte Lungren, and Llew Ladomirak. 


“I am so excited to see what we can do.” Zhao said, “Especially with respect to the relays; we can be really fast and incredibly competitive.”


Overall all the teams are optimistic about what they can do this season, and are excited to see how fast they can go.


“We are all just ready to have fun,” Teo said, “and, go super super fast while we’re at it.”