Viking Softball loses to tough competitor Cupertino High

Paly’s softball team’s recently lost 13-2 in their game against Cupertino High school. Cupertino was a strong team and one of the better ones Paly will face this season. 

They were able to hold them to three runs in the first three innings but as the game progressed they struggled offensively and failed to score until the end of the fourth inning. 

“It was definitely a tough game and they are a solid team, but I think we did a good job holding them throughout the game and on defense,” said Katie Dorogusker ‘23.

They continued to struggle offensively getting hits here and there and getting 2 runs in the same inning. What cost the team the game was the small mistakes on defense which left holes in their gameplay.

As the season progresses Paly looks like it will become a strong team in the league.  

“After winning our last league game, it was definitely disappointing to lose today but playing a strong team will definitely help us out later in the season,” said Cameron Toland ‘23.

Mia Makino takes her turn to swing the bat. (photo by Karen Hickey)