Paly Softball Beats Monte Vista 10-9 in a Close Game

Paly’s softball team played a tight game against Monte Vista but came out on top winning 10-9. Monte Vista put up a good fight, the two teams battling throughout the game scoring points on each other in each inning.


“We were pretty much neck and neck throughout the whole game and went into the bottom of the 7th inning with the game tied,” said Cameron Toland 23’.


With a strong offense, Paly was able to score one last run during the last inning securing their 6th win of the season. Players agreed they needed to work on their defense in order to perform well during their next games. 


“We still have room to improve on defense and making fewer errors, but we had some really good hits and generally played a good game,” said Katie Dorogusker 23’.


Paly Softball has come a long way since the start of their season, and they have high hopes to do well in leagues this year.