Paly Softball Season Preview

Caroline Mostofizadeh and Sirisha Mitra

Coming off an 8-14 overall record last year, Paly’s softball team hopes for a successful spring season.


After six seniors graduated last year, the team has big spots to fill and is looking to younger players to help rebuild and fill the gaps. Furthermore, the team lost multiple seniors this year leading to a small roster.


“We lost two valuable current seniors this year for other priorities so our team is tiny now,” said captain Katie Dorogusker. “We have definitely gained good freshmen this year that will fill the holes we lost this year.” 


On a more positive note, coach Keith Stamper is returning for his second season. Paly’s softball team has gone through a new coach every year for the last five years until this year, so the girls’ are all appreciative of the consistency.


“This is the first year in any of our high school softball careers where we have had the same coach for two years,” said Dorogusker. “This will definitely positively impact our team chemistry.”


The team has started their season off strong, winning their first game against El Camino High School, 11-2. 


Cupertino, the previously top-ranked team in the El Camino league has now moved up to the De Anza League. 


“Our competition this year has definitely changed and most of the teams we play will be less challenging than those we have faced in the past,” said captain Cameron Toland. “I definitely think we can be successful in league play this year, hopefully coming in first or second place.”


Paly has its first league game against Fremont on March 17, 2023. The Vikings are hoping to continue their winning streak in their upcoming season and be a strong competitor in the De Anza league.