Girls Lacrosse Falls to Los Gatos 17-1


Josie Vogel, Social Media Manager

After a rigorous game against Los Gatos, the Paly girl’s lacrosse team fell 17-1 in their first league game. After a tough loss, the team is recuperating and reflecting on how to come back as individuals. The season started with a new coach and a lot of new players after losing a substantial amount of senior players last season.

“I believe losing the seniors last year is affecting the team because they showed really strong leadership and they made everyone else feel like their contribution mattered and we need to bring that energy back,” senior Skylar Burnett said.  

The girls are still highly motivated to work towards better outcomes in their next games. They are optimistic about their goals for the season because even with a tough first game, the girls have displayed competitiveness and energy. 

“The team has a positive mindset and I think we are gonna come back stronger in our next game,” junior captain Katie Yen said. 

They are focusing on fitness in their practices to prepare for competitive games as well as preventing possible injuries among players.

“The team is working really hard on our conditioning and stick skills, as well as learning to better our communication. We spend time in the weight room as a team supporting each other and pushing each other,” senior Divya Mathur said.  

 The players are looking forward to upcoming games in order to advance in the league and eventually make it to CC. In addition, they are building their team chemistry and are having fun together. 

“My goals for the upcoming season are to work hard with my teammates towards connecting with each other. I think that knowing each other and knowing our strengths and weaknesses will really help us succeed with our new team,” Mathur said.