Paly Boys Tennis Sweeps Milpitas 7-0


Photo by Caleb Wong

Tyler Martin, Staff Writer

The Paly boys tennis team destroyed Milpitas 7-0 yesterday afternoon.

The team was firing on all cylinders, winning every match handily.

“I think we played really well as a team,” junior Dhruv Shetty said. “No one lost a match so that’s always good to have.”

What makes this performance more impressive is the constant absence of players due to outside factors. 

“Because of the rain and everyone having tests, we sometimes miss a player or have to scramble to fill our roster,” Shetty said.

The tennis team has worked hard and it is great for them to finally see results.

Although they swept Milpitas there are always things that can be improved upon. 

“I think we may need to improve our communication in games,” Shetty said.

The team improves to 2-0 in league play and they will face Wilcox in their next match after spring break.