Students triumph over staff in annual basketball game

Students triumph over staff in annual basketball game

Alys Olmstead and Meredith Kinnaman

The dream was alive today in the Big Gym as the Paly Senior Squad triumphed over the teachers with a final score of 14-10 in the annual Staff vs. Student basketball game.

The first quarter started strong with the first basket being scored by the seniors own Gillian Chryst (‘15) after a combination play by Nick Beeson (‘15), Walker Ritchie (‘15), and Harry Halsted (‘15).

Despite falling behind early on the Staff continued to put on the pressure with close shots by both Mr. Yonkers and Mr. Blackburn.

A steal later in the quarter by Lauren Gargiulo (‘15) led to a Student quick offensive attack that resulted in Ritchie feeding the ball to Halsted in the key and up for two, making the score 4-0 with time running out in the first quarter.

In an intense matchup on the Students defensive half Halsted fouled Mr. Blackburn who proceeded to score one of his two free throws. The Staff rolled with their momentum, despite strong defensive efforts by John Carter (‘15), and Mr. Cronin went up and scores a layup for the teachers.

The Students were quick to retaliate as Halsted is found on the opposite end of the court and scores and easy lay-up, making the score 6-3 at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter started slow for both teams with no score for the first two minutes. The game picked up after back to back fouls. The first by Mr. Lim on Mischa Hindery-Nelson (‘15), and the second by Hindery-Nelson on Mr. Lim. Both were awarded free throws and Lim made one of his making the score 6-4.

Clark Harmon (‘15) gave the seniors some energy with a steal and drive down the court, after various passes the ball was given to Maclean Mansfield (‘15) who scored an outside shot which gave the students a strong lead of 8-4 at the end of the Second Quarter.

The third quarter began with a strong presence by John Knowles (‘15) on the court as his aggressive defense led to a call that made the Student bench erupt in disbelief. Referee Mr. Bloom, fed up with the Seniors arguing, ejected Jose Llanes (‘15), which ended the commotion.

The intensity picked up with a drive down the court by the students and an inside the key bounce pass to Alex Hwang (‘15) who scores two for the Students.

Momentum continued in the Seniors direction as Rowan McEvoy (‘15) and Jasper McEvoy (‘15) score three baskets with their twin teamwork, making the teams lead increase to 14-4.

A late Teacher basket by Mr. Hall made the score 14-6 as the teams entered the fourth quarter.

The last quarter started off controversial with an obvious travel by a teacher that was not called, and led to a basket by Ms. Bartlett. The teachers continued to give the seniors a run for their money and scored another two points off of a rebound.

The score was then at 14-10 with less than two minutes to play. In an aggressive play by a teacher. A questionable call is made on Zach Levitan (‘15) leading to Levitan getting ejected to which he responded by taking his shoes off and storming off the court.

The Students kept their cool and finished out the game strong keeping the score at 14-10 and winning the game.