Girls Basketball Season Preview

After a shortened season last year due to the pandemic, the varsity girls basketball season is back in full swing. They’re looking to become back-to-back league champions after finishing last season with a stellar 14-6 record.

The team has had a long stretch of success on the court, as they have placed first in their league four out of the past five years. The girls are set up to have another successful season, led by head coach Scott Peters, who has been with the team since 2007. 

Our team dynamic is very good so far… Although I try to help foster a united team, I really think the players are most responsible for deciding that they want to be a team and do the sacrifices that it takes to make that work”, Coach Peters said.

Peters doesn’t name any captains on the team, and he believes in the philosophy of having everyone be a leader. 

“Not having captains eliminate the hierarchy of grade levels, it helps make a more unified team dynamic”, Thea Enache (‘22) said.

The team has already played two preseason games, defeating Aptos and Monte Vista Christian. They dominated both teams, outscoring the two teams by 65 points. 

“We won both games and got first in the tournament, which definitely felt good. As a team, we communicated really well and this hopefully reflects the rest of our season”,  Caroline Mostofizadeh (‘23) said.

Despite their dominant performances in the preseason, the team knows that they have to continue to improve as a team to have a chance later in the season. They have been rigorously practicing on the court to create a supportive dynamic where they know they can rely on each other. 

“One of the key factors in being a great team is having communication and that’s not possible without your whole team…, so I want to encourage others [on the team] and work on improving it myself,” Mostofizadeh said.

The team has one more preseason game left against Aragon on Tuesday and is looking forward to starting off their season strong on Friday, December 17th against league opposition Los Altos.