Paly Boys Basketball Loses to Rival Los Gatos 36-34

Lily Jeffrey

Paly boys basketball lost to Los Gatos with a close score of 36-34 on Thursday night at home. 


Starting off in the lead, the team felt confident in their chances of winning the game.


“Going into the game, we started out pretty strong and kept that intensity going, and then we went on a run that helped us put us up by six before going into halftime,” sophomore Jorell Clark said. 


Having caught back up after letting Los Gatos take the lead during the third quarter, the team felt confident in their chances of winning, until the very end.

“Coming out of halftime, we let them fetch up and even gain the lead. Throughout the rest of the game, we played pretty well, and then, during the last two minutes, they made some plays and won at the buzzer,” Clarke said. 


Although this loss was disappointing for the team, they will use it as motivation for their upcoming games. 


“It was a tough loss for all of us because it will be very difficult for us to win league now, but we need to build off this loss and use it as motivation,” senior captain Jackson Martin said.