Paly Boys Soccer closes out senior night with a 1-0 win against Santa Clara


photo curtesy of Karen Hickey

Yasmin Friedrichowitz

Last night Paly boys soccer beat Santa Clara high school 1-0. Senior night filled the stands as the seniors were honored for their final home game with boys soccer.


Senior Rhys Foote recalls the feeling during the walkout before the game.


“It was very surreal to walk through the tunnel at the beginning of the game and it was so fun to play in what could be our final home game,” Foote said, “the fans were insane and the environment was so lively. We also did win so that capped off a pretty amazing night.”


Foote picked up a rebound from his teammate Dinu Deshpande and scored the first and only goal within the game’s first five minutes. This scrappy goal allowed them to win the game and potentially allow them to win the league next week.


Senior Captain Zachary Cooper comments on what the team has to offer next week.


“We have one of the best soccer teams Paly has had in a long time and we want to leave our mark as a team and go further than we did last season,” Cooper said, “Last year we had a strong team but we didn’t live up to our expectations, and this year we will stay focused and continue pursuing our goals of winning CCS.”


If the Paly team pulls off this successive win against Los Altos next week, it will be the first time they win the league in over a decade.